What type of porn videos do they watch in UK?

United Kingdom has the highest source of traffic that enters Pornhub after United States. UK comes in second.

The presence of high ethnic diversity in UK has an effect on the terms which are regularly searched for. Most on terms searched for in UK includes; “Turkish”, “hijab” and “Arab”. Apart from these terms, “black girls” and “ebony” is also constantly searched for. This two terms account for the category which is more often searched for in UK.

There are also other categories which are watched regularly, but there is a factor which is common to all their search terms, which is ethnicity. Most of the categories searched for always depend on skin colour and religion. Another common category that is often searched for is; interracial.

UK cities and terms commonly searched for.

According to research done, people that live in Birmingham which is a city in UK love to watch their fellow citizens than the rest of UK. “Indian” and “Arab” also tops the search list here. There is a particular category which is not related to ethnicity, but is regularly requested for, and that is “feet”. This is the most popular body part, which is often searched for in UK.

In Manchester, two categories are the most popular and these categories are not your everyday search terms, and they are; “Gay Daddy” and “Gay Straight Guys”. They also search for more of their neighbors than the rest of UK as a whole.

Also in Glasgow, the favourite porn category which always stands out their is Scottish porn. People who live in Glasgow search for “scottish porn” than any other category available. The list of terms which are searched often happen to be related more to their country men.

In Leeds, the most popular categories includes “Indian” and “Pakistani”. Though “Indian” is more common, “Pakistani” also appears a few times. “footjob” is also the third most searched category in Leeds.

In Liverpool, they employ the use of more derogative words such as “bitches”,”slut”,”scouse” and lots of offensive words. These are the most searched terms in the whole of Liverpool. They also get turned on by their fellow countrymen, because they top the search for “British” category.

Bristol city happens to have one of the most interesting categories, this is because the category of porn which is frequently searched for is quite odd. “ssbbw” tops the list of frequently searched categories in Bristol city. “ssbbw” means super sized big beautiful women. Coming in after “ssbbw” is another odd search category which is “fart”. “fart”, “fisting” videos are also among the top searches. One particular category which is now becoming more popular in the UK and all over the world is “giantess”. The rate of search for “giantess” is on the steady increase, and UK is not left out of the search. Another category which is “POV” also has a high rate of searches in UK.

Just as it is in Glasgow, people of Edinburgh also love to watch scottish porn. The entire list of search history in this city, is mostly related to scots. Another point which is worthy of note is that; apart from scottish porn, “female friendly” porn is also frequently searched for, and the proportion of female visitors to porn sites is not quite much.