Where To Find Private Meeting Venues In London

In the world of business, first impressions and presentations are crucial. This is true whether you are a startup, a middle to large corporation, or a fortune 500 company. Attending to clients, staff meetings, scheduled appointments and client pop-ins are an integral part of the process. These are situations which are quite commonplace in the business world. But, in many cases, the meeting may not go as planned or can result in being a failure. Part of that is due to lack of space and preparation during the event. Ensuring that there is sufficient space for such meetings is tantamount. Continue reading “Where To Find Private Meeting Venues In London”

Where To Get The Best Fish And Chips In London

More than 255 million portions of chips are sold in fish and chip shops each year in the UK so it’s little wonder that this traditional English dish is one of the nation’s favorite meals. We’ve searched high and low to track down London’s finest fish and chip shops and restaurants so you can tuck straight in. If you’re looking for other affordable dining options in London, check out the following spots where you can get the best fish and chips in London: Continue reading “Where To Get The Best Fish And Chips In London”

Best Neighborhoods In London To Move Into


London is made up of many suburbs or boroughs, each with their own distinct atmosphere, vibe and sense of community. Most suburbs in London are like a city within a city, each with their own High Street (the main drag) full of cafes and restaurants and hidden side streets with quirky little stores and cheap Continue reading “Best Neighborhoods In London To Move Into”

What To See In London On Your Next Visit?


London is one of the largest cities in the world with a population of 8 million people. It is a leading global city of culture, fashion, finance, politics and trade and remains one of the most visited city by international tourists in the world. The city contains many famous landmarks and getting around is easy. The famous London Underground, Continue reading “What To See In London On Your Next Visit?”